What is a Smart Lock?

What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is a lock that uses technology (digital keys) to open or lock the door instead of a traditional key. Digital keys come in various forms. For instance, it’s possible to open your door using an app with Bluetooth on your smartphone, with a pin code, with a remote control, or with a tag. Additionally, with some smart locks, it’s still possible to open the door with your physical key. Many smart locks offer multiple options for opening the door and accessing your home. Standing outside a locked door is a thing of the past, as is searching for your keys!

To open the door using an app, with some smart locks, you don’t even need to be near your door. You can easily unlock the door over the internet from wherever you are. This means you can let your children in, allow a package delivery person entry, grant access to a housekeeper or handyman, all while you’re at work.

It’s a convenient and secure way to protect your home, often offering additional features such as tracking who comes and goes, and setting specific times for people to have access. A smart lock combines convenience with modern technology to keep your home safe. A frequently asked question is whether a smart lock can be hacked. Know that Smart Locks generally use high encryption like banks do, and in addition, smart lock manufacturers provide extra layers of security. Read more here about how we have addressed this at LOQED.

How does a Smart Lock work?

A smart lock operates in an innovative way to lock and unlock your door without using traditional keys. Instead of using a physical key, a smart lock can be operated using various methods, such as:

  • Smartphone App: Typically, there’s a dedicated app that you install on your smartphone. This app allows you to lock and unlock the smart lock remotely.
  • Remote Control: Some smart locks come with a remote control, similar to that of a car.
  • Pin Code: You can also set a unique pin code that you enter on a keypad on the smart lock itself.

A smart lock utilizes wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi, or Z-Wave to communicate with your smartphone, remote control, or other devices. Some advanced smart locks offer biometric identification, such as fingerprint scanners or facial recognition, for added security.

What to consider when buying a Smart Lock?

Door Compatibility

It’s important to check if the smart lock you’re considering purchasing fits your door and if you have the correct size. Many smart locks, including those from LOQED, are suitable for almost all doors with the Euro-profile cylinder shape. LOQED provides an installation check where you can verify if your door is suitable for the LOQED Touch Smart Lock.

Unlocking and Locking Options

Each smart lock offers different methods to lock and unlock it. Consider options such as smartphone access, remote control, fingerprint, passcode, etc. It’s good to assess your own needs regarding door access. For example, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock is the only smart lock that opens with a single touch on the lock, as long as you have your smartphone with you. This means you don’t have to search for your key, remote control, or phone with full hands—you can simply open your door with one touch. Other ways to unlock your LOQED lock include using your smartphone, a passcode, and soon, a remote control.


Security is crucial for a lock. Therefore, ensure that a smart lock has important certifications such as the SKG quality mark and the Police Hallmark Secure Living. The SKG quality mark indicates the strength, durability, quality, and burglary resistance. The number of stars indicates the level of burglary resistance, with 3 stars representing the highest possible level. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock has an SKG 3-star certificate.


Do you already have other smart products and are you building a true smart home? Many smart locks can work together with other smart home products such as smart doorbells and smart lighting. A smart lock can complete your smart home! However, make sure to check beforehand if the smart lock integrates with your other smart products. You can see all the integrations LOQED has here.

Sharing Access

If many people have keys to your house or if you want to grant access to your home in a specific way, consider how a smart lock allows you to do this. Do you need to purchase extra (costly) remote controls, or can you digitally share a key with your smartphone? This varies per smart lock. With LOQED, you can digitally share a key via your smartphone with whomever you choose. You can also set specific times for someone to have access.

Emergency Features

What if you forget your phone? What if you don’t have the remote control with you? What if the batteries are dead, either on your phone or the lock? It’s important to know the options for unlocking your lock in these situations. At LOQED, we’ve considered all possible scenarios and have emergency measures in place. This ensures you can always gain entry. You can find all situations and solutions in the FAQ section.

Why choose a Smart Lock?

A smart lock offers many conveniences for everyday life. They have all been mentioned before, but here’s a summary of why you can’t do without a smart lock:

  • Never search for your keys again. Open your door with your smartphone (and with LOQED, even with a single touch!).
  • Never face a locked door again: with multiple options to unlock your lock, you’ll never be stuck outside.
  • Security: No more loose keys that can be lost or passed on. Additionally, cracking a smart lock is generally more difficult than a traditional lock. To learn more about the security of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, read here.
  • Digitally share keys with family and friends, and revoke access when needed.
  • Open the door remotely. Whether for your children, cleaner, or the package delivery person.
  • Complete your smart home with a smart lock.

If you’re excited about a smart lock and want to learn more about the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, check it out!