Smart assistants

A smart assistant – also known as a virtual assistant – is a piece of software on a smart speaker or a smartphone, that can answer questions and perform tasks. By setting up an integration between your LOQED Touch Smart Lock and Smart Assistant, you can use voice commands to control the lock, and set up routines. For example, you can create a bedtime routine that switches off the lights and lock your door when you wish your smart assistant good night.

Google Assistant

With Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to control your LOQED Touch Smart Lock. You can lock the door using your Google Home speaker or the Google Home app on your phone. You can create routines, such as turning on the lights and closing the curtains, when you come home after work and giving Google Assistant a command.

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Amazon Alexa (via Olisto)

Integrating Alexa with your LOQED will allow you to easily control your LOQED with your Amazon Echo devices through voice commands. You can also set up routines, such as a morning routine where your lights and coffee maker turn, your curtains open and your LOQED unlocks your door. Find out more about to set up the Alexa integration via Olisto

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Smart home hubs

A smart home hub is hardware or software that connects smart home devices, such as your LOQED Touch Smart Lock, to each other. You can, for example, turn off your lights automatically when you lock the door behind you as you leave. Or can use a smart home hub to integrate your LOQED smart lock with your smartwatch.


Loxone allows you to fully automate your home in a very simple and intuitive manner. With the Loxone integration, you can connect your LOQED Touch Smart Lock to your Loxone setup. This allows Loxone to fully automatically engage the night lock on your door when you go to sleep at night.


Homey is an integrated Smart Home hub that links over 40.000 smart devices. These include Fibaro, Somfy, Samsung, Nest, Philips Hue, and many more. Both the Homey app and the Homey pro can be integrated with LOQED, which will give you the ability to include the LOQED Touch Smart Lock in your home automations and routines. Find out more about how LOQED and Homey can work together here.

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ioBroker is an open source automation platform. With the ioBroker adapter for LOQED you can connect your LOQED smart lock to it.


With the home automation app Olisto you can create Triggs according to “when” “then” rules. The Olisto platform connects smart devices and services such as Philips Hue, Nest, Google, Siri, Smartwatches and many more. For example, connect your LOQED Touch Smart Lock to your doorbell camera, so it can unlock the door for people you know. Or open the door from your smartwatch when you come home from your run.

Home Assistant

Home Assistant is a Smart Home Hub for advanced users. With the Home Assistant integration, you can create flows for your home. For example, when the sun goes down, your curtains close, lights turn on, and your LOQED smart lock locks your door. With Home Assistant, anything is possible when you’re building your smart home.


The Fibaro integration (built by Intuitech) allows you to connect Fibaro hardware, such as buttons and remotes, to your LOQED Touch Smart lock with a single app. This way you can control your Fibaro Hardware, LOQED door lock and your other smart home devices from one place, quickly and easily.


IP-Symcon software is a complete home automation solution. It allows you to combine products of all renowned manufacturers and allows your home to think for itself. A multitude of assistants and tools allow a comfortable configuration with a focus on clarity and security. If you use IP-SYMCON for your home automation you will be able to integrate the LOQED Touch. Read more on our support page.


Domoticz is a Home Automation System that lets you monitor and configure various devices like: Lights, Switches, various sensors/meters like Temperature, Rain, Wind, UV, Electra, Gas, Water and much more. Notifications/Alerts can be sent to any mobile device. The LOQED Touch integrates perfectly with your Domoticz installation. Read more on our support page.



With the DoorBird Video Doorbell, you will never miss a visitor again, not even when you’re away. And thanks to the smart integration of LOQED with the Doorbird app, you can open your door via the DoorBird app. So whether one of your friends is waiting for you or a package delivery service wants to drop off a package for you, you can always check who is there and unlock, and lock, the door for them. Do you want to know how to set up this integration? Read more here.


If your smart home integration is not listed above, and you’re an advanced user, you can use our API to create your own integration.


The LOQED Smart Lock can also be opened with OPENR. OPENR is a smart solution for opening doors in apartment buildings.