Read which 11 (!) extra functions a smart lock has compared to your current lock

Opening, closing, and deadbolt. Those are the options of a conventional lock. Current locks have not grown in line with our wishes: Only keeping people out is no longer good enough. With the LOQED Touch Smart Lock as a personal doorman, a new phase has begun. From now on, it’s all about giving the right people access to your life, wherever you are.

The advantage of a smart lock is that it offers new possibilities you didn’t know you needed them. That is why I will explain the 11 extra functions of our smart lock compared to ​​your current lock in this blog.

1. Touch to Open

Touch to Open technology ensures that a simple touch is enough to open the door. This way you never have to look for your keys again, your phone can stay in your pocket or bag. Touch to Open is only possible when the smart lock makes a Bluetooth connection with your phone and only works when you want to.

2. 100% keyless

We designed the first smart lock where the keyhole is omitted. That makes our lock more secure and truly keyless. Thanks to code access and emergency power you can always enter your house. Want to know more about the security of smart locks? Then read the “How much do you really know about smart locks and their safety” blog.

3. Code access

Sometimes you want to exercise without bringing anything with you, like your keys or telephone. Thanks to code access, you always can enter your own home, even if you don’t have a phone on you or when it ran out of battery. Are you an Airbnb host? Guests can easily check themself in with their personal code, this way you don’t have to wait for them anymore. Read more about it in the “5 reasons why your Airbnb address can use a smart lock” blog.

4. Notifications & log

Do you want to know when the help or the children arrive? Via the LOQED App you can receive a notification when they enter. This way you keep an overview of who opened the front door and when. If you have your own company then you can easily and remotely view who of your employees is present at the company. Would you like to know more about the benefits of a smart lock for your company? Then read the “5 reasons why your company can also use a Smart Lock” blog.

5. Emergency power

The batteries of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock last up to one year, and you’ll get timely notifications to replace them. If they unexpectedly run out, you can open the door without using a physical key. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock has an emergency power connection on the outdoor module. By tapping the outdoor module with a standard 9-volt battery available in most supermarkets, you can enter the access code or use your phone to open the door. This way you will never lock yourself out, and you never have to call a locksmith again.

6. Manage users

The neighbors, your best friends and, just in case, a key under the planter. Do you still have a good overview of where all your keys are? With the LOQED App you always have a digital overview. You can create an unlimited number of keys and you can easily send them via WhatsApp or e-mail. Unlike traditional keys, digital keys cannot be copied and you do not have to replace the lock if someone loses their key.

7. Lock automatically

Do you ever doubt whether you locked your door? When you leave the house, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock (optional) will automatically close so you always leave with a secure feeling. You can also have the lock close automatically at a pre-set time. For example after ten o’clock in the evening before going to bed. As a good night’s sleep is worth its weight in gold.

8. Open house mode

With the open house mode, your children can always enter with no key, telephone or access code. The lock will open with a simple touch. Handy if you don’t want to get up all the time and walk to the door to let the kids in or when you have a party. 

9. Time schedules

Allow access to the cleaner or walking service at specific times. This way they can easily go in and out without having a key at times determined by you.

10. Open remotely

What if you are not at home but the guests have arrived? Or if the technician comes by but you are still at work? Let guests and service providers in wherever you are with the LOQED App. Open or close the door remotely wherever you are with a simple tap.

11. Integration with other smart home devices

Do you want to automatically turn on the lights when you get home? The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is easy to integrate with services such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Homey and IFTTT. Adding a smart lock to the household completes your smart home.


I hope this blog gave you a good overview of the list of possibilities you get with the installation of a smart lock. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is now for sale for €349, and you can order yours here.