Bright review LOQED – This smart lock is looking good!

Bright review LOQED – This smart lock is looking good!

Erwin of Bright tested the LOQED Touch Smart Lock. His conclusion: this smart lock is looking good! In this review, he discusses how the lock works, the installation process, how it differentiates from other smart locks and which features the App provides. This way you will get a clear overview of the benefits of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock.

Erwin describes a couple deserved points of improvement, which are due to him reviewing the preview version of the lock. The lock was not officially out for sale at that point. In the meantime, the product has been on the market since november 2020 and there have been a couple nice upgrades and features added. We argue that we have developed the most user friendly smart lock on the market, which features that no other smart lock has.

Intelligence on both sides of the door

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is the only smart lock that has an outside and inside sensor, which localizes if the user is on the outside or inside of the house. Therefore, the door will not open when someone enters through the back door or when they are still parking the car. Safety is guaranteed: the Touch Smart Lock is certified with three star SKG, provided with drilling protection, and 256-bit encryption.

Curious to see all the possibilities of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock? Check out the review (in Dutch) here.

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Lifestyle journalist and former Playboy editor Jan Heemskerk tests the LOQED Touch

Lifestyle journalist and former Playboy editor Jan Heemskerk tests the LOQED Touch

Jan Heemskerk, lifestyle journalist and former Playboy editor tests the LOQED Touch Smart Lock on the most used door in the area, in a family with a shocking lack of respect for delicate electronics. He is very happy with his newest acquisition.

My name is Jan. My home contains 13 Philips Hue lamps, and six more by the brand Hombli. Two Chromecasts, a Google Home smart speaker, Google Nest Hub and a Nest 3rd gen smart thermostat. The last one perfectly synchronises with six Tado smart radiator buttons. Moreover, I have two ‘old’ Sonos Zoneplayer S5 smart speakers and two amps that I use to stream music to two Pioneer 5.1 cinema receivers with passive JBL speaker sets. Sonos wants me to upgrade my setup to their newest generation, which I would like, but I am no prince. With a bit of effort, the first generation Sonos still works with Google Assistant/Home, which is my favorite voice assistant and smart home platform. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the Logitech Harmony Hub, which is not able to connect to Google Assistant in my area (The Netherlands). Therefore I am not able to use the IR functions of my old Smart-3D HD tv by LG, which I bought on a discount. However, I am able to use my BBQ using WiFi, just like my sous-vide appliance. Lastly, I have an inflatable jacuzzi in my garden. That one is not smart, just cool.

I am telling you all of this to give you an overview of the type of person that you are dealing with when looking at smart home products: I am not in the forefront, but not behind either. I love gadgets, but I have to put in quite some effort to install them and keep them working how they should (otherwise my wife will get angry with me). In my opinion, smart home products should do their job just as good as their not smart predecessor, as well as add something fun or handy. They are allowed to be expensive, but not disproportionately so. They should be bastard proof, because my family argues that some smart products should adjust to them instead of the other way around. In the end, every neighbor should be jealous about everything that I buy.

Is that clear? Great.

So I am minding my own business with one eye open for new smart home innovations, as all of the sudden the LOQED Touch Smart Lock crosses my path in the form of their marketer Joppe Beurskens. He asked me if I would be interested – as an influential lifestyle guru – to try their new smart lock. He did not know it, but he came at the right time. Our front door that came with the house since 1972 is probably so old that you can break into the house within six seconds. We warn Joppe that it could take a lot of effort to make the old door secure. He was not faced. ‘Our smart lock fits on every door…’.

1. LOQED does what it promises to do

I can already say one thing about the guys at LOQED: they keep their promises. Although, we needed a professional locksmith that built a completely new lock into our door, as well as two staff members that were there to finetune the lock. Did you know that your door is crooked? Well… When I take a look at the installation check, you are good with a lock that has a europrofile (SKG certified), while a lock that is not certified will be a problem. Worst case, it will cost you up to 700 euros, which in my opinion is not that bad for a state of the art smart lock system.

2.Can you install the smart lock yourself?

If you have a europrofile lock like most people, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock is perfect for your door. Installing the lock can be done in 20 minutes, but I would recommend reserving an hour. It comes down to taking apart your current door fitting and cylinder, installing the outside module and fitting, placing the motor module and batteries, and lastly installing the doorknob and fitting on the inside of the door. Pop the bridge into an outlet and install your new lock with the LOQED App. Easy isn’t it? I have to admit that I was happy that a professional was available to help, since the option was there. However, I think that I would be able to install the lock myself using the step-by-step guide and video. Approved!

3. What is going on with this smart lock?

To start off, we have a much better lock than before. This has nothing to do with LOQED, but it does make you think that when your door can be opened with a paperclip, it is due to be replaced. Maybe your lock is also ready for a replacement, than this is a good opportunity to get a smart lock.

4. Okay, but what is so cool about this thing?

Our favorite way to use the lock is that before we get out of the jacuzzi, we can open the door. This prevents us from freezing outside with a closed door. A feature we also like is Touch to open: the lock recognizes your smartphone when you approach your front door, and only requires a touch on the outside module to get inside. Since we are talking about ways to get into the house, you can also enter your home without a phone. Simply enter a six digit code. However, hide your reading glasses in the bushes, because the numbers are fairly small. And don’t use too many zeros in the code. You will find out yourself what I mean by that.

5. Are there any more cool features that I can tell my friends about?

  • This lock is better than many others, because the whole cylinder gets replaced. The motor in the lock also does not twist the old key inside the cylinder, which was the reason why I did not consider a smart lock in the past. I had to put quite a lot of pressure on the front door and I did not see that work out with my door.
  • The motor of this lock can provide more power in the cylinder than you could with your bare hands. The battery life of the lock is more than nine months.
  • The lock has end-to-end encryption.
  • With the inside and outside sensor, the lock knows exactly if you are inside or outside. Therefore it can never turn on the Touch to open feature when you are inside.
  • You can operate the smart lock using WiFi, bluetooth and the access code. You can always enter your home, except for when the batteries have run out. In that case, you can jumpstart the lock using a 9V battery and your access code.
  • LOQED is the invention of two Dutch boys, Pierre van Oord (who always lost his keys) and Jeroen van Oorschot. It took them four years to develop the smart lock.
  • For smart asses there are ways to add a speech assistant with a couple of software U-turns. We advise not to choose ‘Hey Google, open my door’ as your command, but rather something like turn on the lights when you approach your door. They have promised more integrations for dummies like me.

6. Something to complain about?

Yes, if I may. I find the navigation in the App not very user friendly. Sometimes the lock takes a while to respond to commands. The lock can already open your door remotely, before the Touch to open feature has localized that you are in front of your door. This has mostly to do with our impatience, but I feel that there are some connectivity issues. However, I was able to enter my home and that is what counts.

7. Conclusion

If you would ask me if this LOQED Touch Smart Lock is a good purchase, then I would wholeheartedly respond by saying yes. It is better than my last lock, easy to use, safe and reliable and it has enough gadget appeal to make my neighbor jealous. And robust, which is useful when my family members smash the door closed when the lock is still calibrating.

Do you also want to make your neighbor Jan jealous and experience a completely keyfree life? Buy your LOQED Touch Smart Lock here.

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Coolblue reviews the LOQED Touch

Coolblue reviews the LOQED Touch

In this comprehensive video, Dylan of Coolblue reviews the LOQED Touch. All the functions like Touch to Open, Twist assist, Open House Mode and remote unlocking are mentioned in this video. Dylan also compares the LOQED Touch with comparable smart locks and explains why this is the safest smart lock available!

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LOQED and Home Connect Plus: The ideal combination

LOQED and Home Connect Plus: The ideal combination

Simply smart

The smart home trend is here to stay. Just like us at LOQED, there are many other brands out there that are constantly developing innovative new products and concepts. Keeping track of and managing your devices centrally has never been more important, and Home Connect Plus lets you do just that. The app brings together previously incompatible device categories in one smart system, in a simple and intuitive way that you can personalize to your needs, opening up completely new possibilities.

LOQED and Home Connect Plus

The Home Connect Plus app makes your smart devices even smarter: connect our LOQED Touch Smart Lock with smart home devices and systems from other manufacturers and take your smart home to a whole new level. You can easily and intuitively connect different devices and manage them centrally as per your individual needs!

An intuitive app for smart, connected living

Today’s truly smart homes have many devices from various manufacturers. That’s why LOQED has teamed up with Home Connect Plus to offer our users a simple and more personalized way of connecting and managing different devices.

Home Connect Plus makes it easy for you to centrally manage interactions between your favorite systems, control device functions, and automate routine tasks according to your personal needs. Create automations in which different devices work together, for example, for a perfect start to the day; the lights turn on, the curtains open and the coffee machine in the kitchen starts to warm up while you are getting ready.

With Home Connect Plus, you no longer have to jump from one app to another, so you can focus on the important things in life. Best of all, the app is free and easy to use. Just download Home Connect Plus to your smartphone (compatible with Android or iOS), set up your devices in a few steps, and you’re ready to go.

Interested? Then take a look at the homepage of our partner Home Connect Plus to find out how this versatile smart home solution can simplify your life. In addition to detailed information about the app itself, you’ll also find inspiration on all aspects of the smart home:

The benefits of Home Connect Plus

A central platform for all devices → Comprehensive device compatibility across brands for countless combinations. Home Connect Plus makes managing your smart home with just one app simple and convenient.

Smart home made easy → The Home Connect Plus app is clear, intuitive, and simple. You don’t need to be a technology expert or smart home professional to use it.

Personalized for you → Customize the app to your needs: automate how your devices interact with other systems for a whole new smart home experience. You can easily add your most frequently used device functions to your favorites.

Free all-in-one solution → The Home Connect Plus app is free. No subscriptions, no hidden costs, and no in-app purchases. Simply download, set up, and enjoy. Experience the convenience of a truly smart home.

Inside Home Connect Plus

Automations: connected devices and intelligent routines make smart living simpler

Automate tasks according to the “if-this-then-that” principle in just a few steps. With the app, you can for example set the thermostat to turn down the heating when you leave the house, or make sure that all the lights go out and the front door is locked at bedtime. And it does this for all your devices across different manufacturers.

Device overview: manage all your devices from a single app

Don’t waste time constantly switching between apps from different manufacturers. With Home Connect Plus, it’s simple and convenient to keep track of the most important functions of all your devices and manage them in one place.

Pin boards: all important functions and devices at a glance

Create individual overviews of your smart devices, for example, for your daily routine or a room in your home. This way, you have access to all your connected devices and can automate tasks to help make your everyday life even more comfortable. You can set up and personalize the app exactly the way you want by placing your favorite device functions on a pin board.

Your smart home can do more

What if you could connect different systems with each other? It’s simple with smart combination options, thanks to Home Connect Plus.

Lighting → Going to the bathroom at night? The motion sensor in the bedroom slowly turns up the light just enough so that your partner doesn’t get jolted out of their dreams.

Heating → Not a morning person? Fortunately, the heating is already on in the bathroom by the time your alarm clock wakes you, while the coffee machine prepares your must-have morning pick-me-up.

Security → Being forgetful? Your smart home knows when you step outside. You can count on the Home Connect Plus app to alert you if you’ve left the stove on or the balcony door open.

Energy → Are you eco-conscious and cost-conscious? Presence detectors automatically cut off the power to all energy guzzlers in recreation or utility rooms when they are not in use. Or you can have the thermostat raise the room temperature in time for the end of the wash cycle when it comes to hanging clothes to dry.

Garden → Blessed with a green thumb? A smart home isn’t limited to just the house: smart weather stations tell the irrigation system or the robotic lawn mower when they are needed. And when temperatures start to soar, smart outdoor lights provide the perfect ambiance for a barbecue party.

You can also automate tasks with different types of devices from various manufacturers. Even if your smart motion sensors, lights, or thermostats come from different manufacturers or systems, Home Connect Plus brings them together.

The app is just the beginning

Home Connect Plus is developing additional services to offer you valuable benefits in the future that go beyond simply connecting devices. Services such as remote parcel delivery or the use of simple insurance services, as well as a comprehensive range of solutions for efficient energy management in the smart home, are all in the pipeline.

Want to learn more? Then visit the Home Connect Plus homepage to find out how this versatile smart home solution can enhance your life. In addition to detailed information about the app itself, you’ll also find inspiration on all aspects of the smart home:

Set up in a few steps

How to connect different smart devices via the Home Connect Plus app:

  1. If you haven’t already installed the LOQED app, download it from the App Store and connect your LOQED smart lock.
  2. Download the Home Connect Plus app and register.
  3. Add devices by pressing the + sign in the app’s device tab.
  4. The app automatically displays apps from other manufacturers that are already installed. Select the brand of your devices and sign in.
  5. Allow Home Connect Plus to access your devices.

All your connected devices will appear in the device overview, and you are ready to go.

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What is home automation and what does it mean for your smart lock?

What is home automation and what does it mean for your smart lock?

Various smart lock brands can be linked to the home automation systems that are already present in your home. If you want to be able to do this, then it is wise to choose a smart lock that allows you to connect the two easily. 

1. What is home automation?
2. What is the difference between home automation and a smart home?
3. What are the different platforms for home automation?
4. What is a protocol in home automation?
5. What are the various uses of home automation?

1. What is home automation?

Home automation is a collective term for smart systems that ensure that you can live as comfortably. For example, with home automation you can remotely control the temperature, lighting and the front door of your house.
Various applications often use different protocols to communicate, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Z-wave, or Zigbee. That can make it more difficult for devices to communicate with each other, but it doesn’t have to. If a device is connected to the internet, they can still communicate with each other over the internet.

2. What is the difference between home automation and a smart home?

A home automation system can be very extensive. If you use a home automation system at home, the heating, lighting, front door, etc. can all be controlled remotely. But that doesn’t make it a smart home. We only call it a smart home if the system also thinks along with you. For example, you can have a security camera in your house from which you can view images remotely via your smartphone, we call that home automation. But if your smartphone gives you a warning message you have to look at the images to see if everything is okay, then the system thinks along with you, and it is a typical example of smart home. We can conclude that a smart home is just a step more extensive and goes further in possibilities than home automation.

3. What are the different platforms for home automation?

A platform is an overarching system with which you control your home automation. A platform makes it possible to operate the devices in your home via one app. It is wise to choose one system before your first purchase, this will prevent you from needing multiple apps to expand. With every home automation purchase, it is wise to check whether the product is compatible with the platform you have chosen. A few large tech companies have launched such a system.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is already in various devices such as your smartphone or tablet, but also in your smartwatch. Google Assistant is compatible with thousands of smart products from over 3,500 brands. And that number is increasing rapidly. With a Smart Home Hub, you can link the different devices and run them via one central device.

Apple Homekit

If you already have many Apple devices such as the iPhone, the iPad, or the Apple Watch, then the Homekit platform from Apple can be handy to use. When buying a new product, make sure that it can be linked with HomeKit. The product does not have to be made by Apple, but they must support the HomeKit protocol.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is a voice control system that allows you to control various smart products associated with it with your voice. The range of products compatible with the Amazon Alexa protocol is constantly expanding. More than 60,000 products are compatible with this system.


Homey connects all your smart devices in one convent place, the Homey App. With Homey you can automate certain processes using simple commands. After integrating your smart products, you can create ‘waves’ to let your devices work together. Imagine that your lights are blinking when the washing machine in the attic is ready. You can also combine the app with other services, for example with a weather service. This way the lamps can be switched on when it gets dark outside. Ideal if you are on vacation, and you want to make it look inhabited at home. Homey works with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Z-Wave. 


Olisto allows you to connect all of your smart home devices with one another and to create rules, such as turning on your lights when you enter your home. It allows you to have a most holistic experience with your smart home ecosystem by connecting multiple devices, apps, and services in real time. Olisto even allows you to use Siri commands and to use your Apple Watch to control the lock.


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. With this application you can automate certain processes using simple commands. An example: when you switch on the TV, the lamps dim. This way you can connect smart devices together. The only condition is that the devices must support IFTTT. In the IFTTT app you can connect all your devices with each other. When that is done you can create an applet, which is a command that links different actions together. 

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung’s SmartThings is comparable to other affordable home automation devices. The base is a hub that is the heart of a smart home system. But why is the Samsung SmartThings still interesting? Not only because of the low price, but also that the hub speaks two languages; namely Zigbee and Z-Wave. This allows most home automation devices to communicate effortlessly with each other.

4. What is a protocol in home automation?

Home automation products communicate with each other via a protocol. A protocol is a way a wireless signal is sent between devices. Well-known protocols are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but it can also be done via Zigbee or Z-Wave. Sometimes you need an extra bridge that allows devices to communicate with each other.

To expand your network with a new device, it should support the same protocol as the devices you already have at home. Z-Wave products cannot communicate well with Zigbee products and vice versa.

5. What are the various uses of home automation?

Various applications make life just that little easier. Below we list a few examples, but the possibilities are endless:

  • Switching lights on and off: The light will go on as soon as the front door is opened.
  • Dimming of lighting: When you turn on the TV to watch a movie, the light will be dimmed.
  • Regulating the temperature: Turn up the heating half an hour before you go home using your smartphone. This way you never have to enter a cold house again.
  • Controlling blinds and shutters: You thought the sun would shine today and before you left you lowered the blinds. But then it suddenly rains. From a distance you can raise the sun blinds again!
  • Set a time at which the front door automatically locks. Then you no longer have to think about locking your door before going to bed.
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LOQED and Homey: A perfect smart home marriage

LOQED and Homey: A perfect smart home marriage

Wouldn’t it be nice if your lights turned on, the thermostat to set itself to ‘comfort’ mode, and your curtains to open automatically to welcome you home? Then we have good news, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock can be connected to Homey! With Homey you can integrate, control, and automate all of your smart home devices from one place, the Homey App.

With Homey you determine how all devices in and around your home work together. This way you create the ultimate smart home experience between your LOQED Touch Smart Lock and all your other smart devices connected to Homey.

You can create endless Flows with Homey. For example, you can automatically set the LOQED Touch Smart Lock to night lock by means of a voice command. In the same Flow you can add that the thermostat, lights, speakers & TV, all turn off and your home is set to ‘Away’ mode. While in Away mode you can have security Flows running on Homey to detect presence via smart motion alarms and be notified of any unusual activity.

Ideal, because a good night’s sleep is worth its weight in gold.

How do you connect Homey with LOQED?

This is how you integrate your LOQED Touch Smart Lock in Homey in five steps:

1. In the Homey App. go to “Devices” and tap the plus sign in the top right corner
2. Search for “LOQED”
3. Tap the LOQED icon, select the Smart Lock and go to “Install”
4. Log in with your LOQED account details and give Homey access to LOQED
5. Select the LOQED Touch Smart Lock from the list and proceed to the next page

Now you can open and close your LOQED Touch Smart Lock via the Homey App. Plus, you can create Flows that connect the lock to other devices.

Explore the possibilities of connecting your LOQED Touch Smart Lock to Homey. On this page you can see what’s possible.

How is that for making an entrance?!

Curious how about the Homey talks with LOQED? Watch the video here:

For more information about Homey, click here.

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How much do you really know about smart locks and their security?

How much do you really know about smart locks and their security?

Smart home technology is on the rise and an indispensable part of a modern household. We all know that technological progress initially also entails mistrust, also with smart locks. How secure is a smart lock? We will help you answer this question in this blog.

Smart door locks offer more security and overview than conventional locks. In general, cracking a smart lock is much more difficult than breaking open a conventional lock. With a smart lock on your door you can see via an App, who opened the door and when. If necessary, you can easily revoke digital keys if a smartphone has been stolen. This makes smart locks more secure.

Check our video on the security of LOQED here:

Via our Facebook page we recently received several reactions regarding the security of smart locks. I have selected the responses that I would like to discuss:

  1. ‘Smart products can ALWAYS be hacked! I prefer an actual key!’
  2. ‘Wonder what the insurance thinks about smart locks’
  3. ‘Is it possible to copy the Bluetooth signal, like they sometimes do with car keys? Otherwise, when I lie in bed with my Bluetooth on, the burglar can just sneak in.’
  4. ‘What if your iPhone is stolen and they know where you live. Then breaking in suddenly becomes easy!’

Let’s first say that every question is justified, and let that also be exactly the questions we asked ourselves while designing the LOQED Touch Smart Lock. It is not without reason we have spent 3 years developing a product we support, and where security and privacy were most important.

1. “Smart products can ALWAYS be hacked! I prefer an actual key!”

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock has 256-bit encryption and is SKG three-star certified.

What is Encryption?

Millions of people around the world have access to the Internet. Still, we can exchange messages, pay bills and share files over the Internet in a way that only a specific group of people can see. This means that a large part of the internet is not visible to everyone because these parts are encrypted. This is done with encryption.

Encryption is a way of converting data, in our case your access key, into a secret code. This ensures this data is not accessible for everyone. 256-bit encryption refers to the length of the digital key used to encrypt a data stream. This is very safe and is therefore used by banks and governments.

2. “Wonder what the insurance thinks about Smart Locks”

Besides digital security, most smart locks are also certified with the SKG three-star certificate. This is the highest attainable security certificate for a lock.

The gradations are structured:

1 star; standard burglar resistant

One star; products with one star are not considered self-burglar resistant. This means it must be used with at least one other equivalent or stronger product.

2 stars; heavy burglary resistant

If a product has two stars, it is sufficiently burglar-resistant and can be used independently. It takes an extra 3 minutes for the intruder to come in.

3 stars; very heavy burglary resistant

A product with three stars is heavily burglar-resistant and can be used independently. It takes the burglar at least 5 minutes extra to enter your house.

The LOQED Touch Smart lock is SKG three-star certified and is integrated into the door. It is the only smart lock on the market that is completely keyless. Drill protection has been placed at the location of the keyhole instead. The major Dutch insurance companies cover against theft if you have a proper lock. You are often covered even if there are no signs of burglary. Always check your insurance policy.

Another question you can ask yourself is, “How secure is my current lock?” You can for example lose the key and there are several ways to open a conventional lock easily and within seconds. We have studied and remedied these possibilities, so it is much more difficult to enter a door with a LOQED Touch smart lock without having to force the entire door. In general, our smart lock is safer than a conventional lock.

3. “Is it possible to copy the Bluetooth signal, like they sometimes do with car keys? Otherwise, when I lie in bed with my Bluetooth on the burglar can just sneak in.”

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock has intelligence on both sides of the door. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is the only smart lock that has not one but two antennas build in. One on the inside and one on the outside of the door, this way the lock knows where you are and will not open when you enter through the garage.

Protection against relay attacks

Recently, there was news that cars are being stolen by amplifying the wireless signal from the car key, making it look like the key is close to the car, instead of in the house, for example. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is protected against this “relay attack”. We do this by applying geofencing and a timer, so the LOQED app no ​​longer connects to Bluetooth after you come home. So you can go to sleep at night with peace of mind.

4. “What if your iPhone is stolen, and they know where you live. Then breaking in suddenly becomes extremely easy!”

Technology has become an indispensable part of our society, we increasingly rely on smartphone apps to perform everyday tasks. This varies from sending a photo, reading the news to online banking. This has its advantages and disadvantages, but one thing is for sure: the risk of losing your phone would raise troubling thoughts in anyone.

This thought can also prevent you from buying a smart lock when this is fortunately not the case. Access codes and digital keys can be easily and remotely adjusted or removed by logging in to another device or in our portal. This means you always have full control over your front door, and you decide who has access. Even if you have lost your phone.


Buying a smart lock is more than just opening and closing your door. It’s about the safety of your family, being able to leave your belongings behind without worries and that no unwanted guests can enter. I hope I have been able to show you, that a smart lock is a safer solution than a conventional lock. If you still have questions, we would like to hear from you.

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5 places you can use a smart lock

5 places you can use a smart lock

The first place you might think to install a smart lock is probably the front door of your home, however, smart locks can be installed in a variety of situations including small businesses and Airbnbs. The ease of handing out and managing digital keys remotely is what makes smart locks so convenient for all kinds of places that have a people coming in and out on a frequent basis. In this blog, we will tell you about 5 kinds of places that can benefit from installing a smart lock.

1. At home

You can place your smart lock on the front door or even back door of your own home. The smart lock is expected to be a familiar street scene in just a few years.

2. Companies

A smart lock is also the ideal solution to the key problem for companies. That way, you no longer have to worry about employees losing their key. You never have to make additional keys as the company grows, and more staff is hired. You will also never have to consider changing out your whole lock and cylinder when a key is lost. A digital key can be created or deactivated in seconds if necessary. This way, you are always in control of who has access to your company.

3. Associations

A smart lock can be extremely useful for associations. Whether it is the football, scouting, tennis or hockey association, there are always a lot of volunteers who need a key. Passing keys on to each other is a lot of work, and you don’t want dozens of keys in circulation. A smart lock solves this! With a simple phone call a volunteer can ask for a (temporary) code or key, so they can enter the association, or you simply open the door remotely.

4. Guest house (Hotel, B&B, holiday home)

If you have a holiday home or a Bed & Breakfast, you have to stay on sight until your guests arrive to hand them the key. So if your guests get stuck in traffic, it can happen that you need to wait several hours before they finally arrive. Using key boxes is common, but they are sensitive to burglary. A smart lock therefore provides a solution to these challenges. Since all you have to do is send a pin code that you can set up to the guests. This code expires after a set period, so your guests will no longer be able to access to the holiday home after their check-out date. This means that the owner does not necessarily have to be on-site to hand over the key on the day of arrival.

5. Home care

Elderly often spend more time are home and may even be dependent on home care. For those individuals with limited mobility, it can be difficult to walk to the front door to let the home care person in. A common solution for those situations are key cabinets that only the home care worker has access to with a code. However, these cabinets are not safe and very prone to burglary. Especially, older people are frequently the victims of a burglary because they can be vulnerable and have trouble defending themselves. A smart lock typically offers a good the solution in these situations. The key box can be removed and home care no longer needs a key. This makes the smart lock not only useful for the home care worker, but also a lot safer for the residents.

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5 myths and misconceptions about smart locks

5 myths and misconceptions about smart locks

The traditional key is indispensable in our pocket or bag. Despite its simplicity, it feels safe and familiar, so why switch to a smart lock? We all know that technological progress initially also entails mistrust, which has also been the case with smart locks. Smart home technology is on the rise and cannot be ignored in a modern household. In this article, we debunk five common myths and misconceptions about smart locks.

1. Smart locks are difficult to install

After some preliminary research, you are convinced that smart locks offer some amazing benefits. No more searching for keys, more control over who can enter the house, and easy of opening and closing remotely. But then you realize that you’ve never replaced a lock before. This could get complicated…

No worries. Anyone who can install an Ikea cabinet can also install a smart lock. It will take you about 20 minutes, a drill is not needed. Only a screwdriver is sufficient. Some smart locks are placed over your key on the inside of the door. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock replaces almost the entire door fitting, and it is placed tightly to your door. You do not have to work with wiring and the batteries, the lock  simply clicks into place.

When your lock is placed on the door, it is a matter of downloading the App, connecting the smart lock to your Wi-Fi network, and setting your preferences. Et voila!

2. Smart locks are easy to hack

To explain how the security of a smart lock works, we must start by explaining what encryption is. Most smart locks are provided with 256-bit encryption and are SKG three-star certified.

What is encryption?

Millions of people around the world have access to the Internet. Yet we can exchange messages, pay bills, and share files in a way that only a specific group of people can see them. This means that a large part of the internet is not visible to everyone. This is done with encryption.

Encryption is a way of converting data, in our case your access key, into a secret code. This ensures that the data is not accessible for everyone. 256-bit encryption refers to the length of the digital key used to encrypt a data stream. This is very safe and is therefore used by banks and governments.

Want to know more about the security of smart locks? Then read the “How much do you really know about smart locks and their security” blog.

3. If I lose my phone, anyone can come in

The risk of losing your phone is something that everyone is afraid of and trying to avoid. For some people, the thought of using your phone as the key for your door is a reason to not buy a smart lock. However, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock takes into account that there is a possibility that you loose your phone.

Access codes and digital keys can directly and remotely be adjusted or deleted by logging in on another device or in our portal. This means you always have full control over your front door and that you can decide who has access, even if you loose your phone.

4. When the battery of my phone is empty, I can’t enter my house

It can always happen that your phone runs out of battery. Don’t worry, by entering your personal code you can always enter your home, even if you don’t have a phone with you. This can also be useful for when you go for a run and you don’t want to carry unnecessary bags.

5. If the power goes out, the lock will stop working

All smart locks have batteries. You will receive a timely notification via the App when they need to be replaced. The batteries of most smart locks last half a year. Due to the larger battery capacity of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, these will last no less than nine months to a year. If the power goes out, you can continue to use the smart lock. Did you miss the messages that the batteries are empty? The LOQED Touch Smart Lock has an emergency power supply, that you can trigger by holding a 9V battery against the outside module. That gives the lock a little bit of energy so that you can open the door using your phone or your access code. Most smart locks do not offer this feature, and need to be taken out of the door when the batteries run out.

Why a smart lock also enriches your life

Current locks have not evolved at the same rate as our wishes in terms of what we want to get out of a lock: just keeping people out is no longer good enough. The advantage of a smart lock is that it offers new possibilities you did not know you needed. With a smart lock, you no longer have to worry that the door is not locked, you no longer have to hide spare keys or be locked out of your house. You can easily let guests in without getting up and luckily, searching for keys is officially a thing of the past.

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock costs € 349,- and can be ordered here.

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3 benefits of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock when you are on holiday

3 benefits of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock when you are on holiday

The last couple of years, smart home products have proven that they can be more than gadgets to show off to your friends. Smart locks such as the LOQED Touch Smart Lock are not only easy to use, but can also protect your home when you are away on holiday. In this blog, we discuss some useful features that can make your holiday even more carefree.

“Did I lock the front door?”

This is a thought that many people have after they just drove off to go to their holiday destination. Fortunately, with LOQED you don’t need to consider turning the car around. You can see whether the door was locked or not in the App. If it’s the case that the door was not locked, you can lock your door remotely. How easy is that?

No more keys underneath the doormat with a smart lock

An old trick that a lot of people use is to hide a key underneath the doormat, so others can enter your home to care for your pets or plants. Unfortunately, burglars are well aware of all the hiding places that are used, making it easy for them to break into your home. With the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, this is history. Simply create a digital key using the App, and send it to anyone you want to give access. If your neighbor doesn’t have a smartphone yet, you can also set a six-digit access code. For extra security, you could set a specific time frame for each key to be active. In the log, you can keep an overview of everyone that has entered and when.

Open house mode

Lots of people might not be going on holidays, and instead enjoy the company of family and friends in their home during the summer. With most smart locks, you have to open the door with your phone every time someone rings the doorbell. This is inconvenient when there are people entering and leaving the house frequently. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock offers Open House Mode to overcome this hassle. When it’s enabled, it allows anyone to open the door with a single touch on the lock. Great for children that do not have a smartphone!

Are you curious to see if the lock would fit on your door? Do the installation check!

Get your own LOQED Touch Smart Lock

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