5 places you can use a smart lock

The first place you might think to install a smart lock is probably the front door of your home, however, smart locks can be installed in a variety of situations including small businesses and Airbnbs. The ease of handing out and managing digital keys remotely is what makes smart locks so convenient for all kinds of places that have a people coming in and out on a frequent basis. In this blog, we will tell you about 5 kinds of places that can benefit from installing a smart lock.

1. At home

You can place your smart lock on the front door or even back door of your own home. The smart lock is expected to be a familiar street scene in just a few years.

2. Companies

A smart lock is also the ideal solution to the key problem for companies. That way, you no longer have to worry about employees losing their key. You never have to make additional keys as the company grows, and more staff is hired. You will also never have to consider changing out your whole lock and cylinder when a key is lost. A digital key can be created or deactivated in seconds if necessary. This way, you are always in control of who has access to your company.

3. Associations

A smart lock can be extremely useful for associations. Whether it is the football, scouting, tennis or hockey association, there are always a lot of volunteers who need a key. Passing keys on to each other is a lot of work, and you don’t want dozens of keys in circulation. A smart lock solves this! With a simple phone call a volunteer can ask for a (temporary) code or key, so they can enter the association, or you simply open the door remotely.

4. Guest house (Hotel, B&B, holiday home)

If you have a holiday home or a Bed & Breakfast, you have to stay on sight until your guests arrive to hand them the key. So if your guests get stuck in traffic, it can happen that you need to wait several hours before they finally arrive. Using key boxes is common, but they are sensitive to burglary. A smart lock therefore provides a solution to these challenges. Since all you have to do is send a pin code that you can set up to the guests. This code expires after a set period, so your guests will no longer be able to access to the holiday home after their check-out date. This means that the owner does not necessarily have to be on-site to hand over the key on the day of arrival.

5. Home care

Elderly often spend more time are home and may even be dependent on home care. For those individuals with limited mobility, it can be difficult to walk to the front door to let the home care person in. A common solution for those situations are key cabinets that only the home care worker has access to with a code. However, these cabinets are not safe and very prone to burglary. Especially, older people are frequently the victims of a burglary because they can be vulnerable and have trouble defending themselves. A smart lock typically offers a good the solution in these situations. The key box can be removed and home care no longer needs a key. This makes the smart lock not only useful for the home care worker, but also a lot safer for the residents.