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The establishment of Loqed in 2016

The annoyance of losing your keys and missing your parcel delivery led to the establishment of Loqed in 2016 by Jeroen van Oorschot and Pierre van den Oord. Existing solutions by the old-fashioned lock industry were not sufficient. They still rely on a metal backup key and offer an unreliable, difficult, and slow user experience.

After a first demo version of the product was developed early 2017, Loqed acquired a substantial investment. The investment fueled the development of the Loqed Smart Lock for mass production mid 2017. The Loqed Smart Lock is expected to hit the market in the first half of 2020.

What we do

Loqed develops the first truly keyless smart lock for European doors. No more fumbling with keys – with the Loqed Smart Lock you simply unlock your door with a touch. You can keep your Bluetooth enabled phone in your pocket. Easily lock, unlock and manage access for friends, parcel delivery or housekeeping from anywhere with the Loqed app.

What we promise

We improve access

The way we access our home is outdated. Current locks have not grown in line with our wishes: Only keeping people out is no longer good enough.
With the LOQED Touch Smart Lock as a personal doorman, a new phase has begun. From now on it's all about giving the right people access to your life, wherever you are.

LOQED The next generation smart lock.

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