How it all began

The frustration of being locked out and missing parcel deliveries led to the establishment of LOQED in Amsterdam in 2016 by Jeroen van Oorschot and Pierre van den Oord. Existing “smart” locks from the old-fashioned lock industry or early players were not up to par. In case your phone or lock ran out of power, the locks still relied on traditional and insecure keys. These locks also lacked convenience as they were opening slower than a traditional lock. It was time to put user experience and security first.

Jeroen van Oorschot (L) & Pierre van den Oord (R).
Jeroen van Oorschot (L) & Pierre van den Oord (R).

Our vision

The way we access our homes is outdated. Current locks have not evolved in line with our desires: merely keeping people out is no longer sufficient. With LOQED smart locks serving as your personal doormen, a new era has begun. It’s now all about granting the right people access to your life, no matter where you are.

Our mission

Our mission is to unlock the full potential of your door. We are driving the inevitable evolution of smarter homes by providing the most user-friendly, reliable, and convenient smart access solutions that give you complete control over who enters through your door.


LOQED timeline 2016-2023.

The first demo version of the product was developed in early 2017 to showcase to potential investors. In July 2017, LOQED secured its first investment, which fueled the development of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock. After two and a half years of development, on March 5th, 2020, we successfully passed the stringent SKG three-star security tests, and production of the hardware could begin – though it was temporarily halted due to the closure of many manufacturers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2021, we commenced shipping the first Touch Smart Locks to our “pre-sale” customers.

The Launch

The Touch Smart Lock is the first truly keyless smart lock for European doors. No more fumbling with keys – with the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, you simply unlock your door with a touch, as long as you have your phone in your pocket. The lock no longer has a keyhole. In case your phone is out of power, you can easily enter with your personal code. And if the low-battery warnings were ignored, you can jump-start the lock with an external battery. Finally, you can stop worrying about keys. Moreover, since a keyhole is essentially a hole in your security, our lock is more secure than traditional locks.

Since 2022, the lock has been readily available in our webshop and Benelux retail stores, which is our home market. Given our European ambitions, we have started expanding our marketing efforts to new countries in 2023.

Where we are today

With a team of over 12 members, we have become the market leader in The Netherlands in 2023. From our recently renovated office in The Netherlands, we ensure that over 30,000 users can enjoy our products.