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LOQED Touch Smart Lock

The only smart lock that opens your door with a single touch

LOQED Touch smart lock
 349,00 incl. VAT

Why the LOQED Touch Smart Lock?

  • Open your door with just one touch
  • 100% keyless
  • The most secure lock
  • Share your key with confidence
  • Access, whatever happens

New stock expected in June 2024

See how it works

Effortless access

Opening your door has never been easier, even with your hands full. You only need to have your phone in your pocket. Using Bluetooth the lock knows you’re near.

Hand out keys with confidence

Send digital keys to friends, family and the housekeeper. You can take them back whenever you want.

Stay in the know

Get notified when your children have arrived home safe and know Bello has had his walk.

Access, whatever happens

With built-in code access and a jump start connector, you will always be able to enter your home.

The most secure lock

The lock has been awarded the highest achievable European EN 1303, EN 15684 and SKG three-star certification. Combined with end-to-end encryption, hackers and burglars don’t stand a chance.
We value your privacy and keep your data securely stored in Europe.

Smarter than ever before

Unlock your door with a simple touch
Open and lock the door wherever you are
Code access
Send digital keys to friends and family
Allow guests without the app to open the door with just a link
Jump start connector in case the lock ran out of battery
Automatically lock or unlock at a set time
Set time schedules for housekeeping and guests
Voice control with e.g. Google Home and Alexa
Check if the door is locked in the app
Hardened steel drill protection & robust stainless steel design
Get notified when the door is opened

LOQED versus other smart locks

The unique display on the outside of the door offers an unparalleled user experience.



Easy one-touch access Phone needs to be in your hand
Integrated code access & jump start connector as a fall-back You need to carry a backup key
Robust stainless steel design Plastic box over your key
Secure decentralised key storage Vulnerable centralised key storage
Highest European EN 1303, EN 15684 and SKG three-star certification No physical security certification

Everything you need, in one box

  • Outside part: Patented Touch to Open display with built-in code access
  • Inside part: door handle with backplate
  • Bridge: to connect with your Wi-Fi
  • Batteries: with a battery life up to a year
  • Certified cylinder

Google Assistant
Home Assistant
Apple Watch


How do I lock the door?

If you are inside, you can turn the knob to lock the door. If you are outside, simply close the door. “Touch to Lock” will show on the display and you can tap one of the touch buttons to lock the door. Of course, you can always lock the door with the LOQED app.

Can I install the lock myself?

Installation can be done in 20 minutes and only requires a screwdriver – no drilling is needed. You can also get one of our professionals to install it for you.

As a tenant, am I allowed to change the lock?

It’s a good idea to prevent access from previous tenants by changing the lock. However, discuss with your landlord before doing so. As the lock requires no permanent changes to your door, you can easily install the old lock again when you move out.

Is my home insurance cover affected?

The lock is certified with the European EN 1303, EN 15684 and the Dutch SKG three-star norms, and should therefore not affect your insurance cover. However, we recommend to check if your own insurance policy states additional requirements.

What if I lose my phone?

If you lose your phone, simple change your password via our website and the key on the lost phone will be deactivated automatically. Or ask another administrator of your lock to disable your key in their app.

What makes this the most secure smart lock?

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock has been awarded the highest achievable European EN 1303, EN 15684 and SKG three-star certification and uses the same advanced encryption technology as banks use. Only your phone and the LOQED Touch Smart Lock have access to your digital keys – even we cannot open your door. Read more about security on our support pages.

How can I enter if the batteries of the lock are empty?

The batteries last up to one year, and you’ll get timely notifications to replace them. Didn’t replace them in time? Don’t worry! The LOQED Touch Smart Lock has a jump start connector on the outside. Simply press a 9 volt battery against the connector and open the lock with your app or code.

Can the door be opened without the LOQED app?

Yes, you can share a code or send a guest link. With the guest link, your friends and guests can open and lock the door with a simple tap in their browser.

How can I enter if my phone is out of power?

If the battery of your phone is empty, you can always enter using your personal code.