Which smart lock is better? LOQED Touch Smart Lock vs Bold Smart Cylinder

With all the different smart lock competitors on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which of them fits your needs. Because we want to make the decision easier for you, we compare the LOQED Touch Smart Lock to the Bold Smart Cylinder and Bold Connect. We give you an overview of all the features, highlighting the differences and similarities between both smart locks.

Installing the smart lock

The Bold Smart Cylinder is installed how you would install a normal cylinder. First, you download the Bold App. After unscrewing a screw in your current door fitting and removing the old lock, simply slide the Bold Smart Cylinder into the door. The lock has a SKG*** certificate.

Installing the LOQED Touch Smart Lock takes about 20 minutes. The cylinder in your current lock is replaced with one with a SKG*** certificate. A small screen with touch buttons is placed on the fitting on the outside of your door, while on the inside, the fitting is replaced by the LOQED fitting. When the lock is placed on your door and the bridge is plugged in, you can complete the installation in the LOQED App.

Automatically open the door

Who doesn’t want that, a door that can open by itself when you get home? The LOQED Touch Smart Lock only needs a touch on the screen of the lock to open the door.

You unlock the Bold Smart Cylinder by ‘activating’ the lock with the App. Then you need to twist the doorknob manually to open the door. By pressing the button on the inside of the door and closing it by twisting the doorknob, you lock the door. 

No hassle with geo-fences

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is the only one of its kind with an indoor and outdoor sensor. These locate whether you are inside or outside the house, which makes sure that the lock does not open when you are inside. After taking the trash out or getting something from the car, it is easy to get back indoors using ‘Touch to Open’. Before it was only possible to use Touch to Open when you were at least 500 meters away from your door, but with the newest LOQED update you are able to turn off this feature!

The Bold Smart Cylinder can activate automatically through geofencing, when you are at least 200 meters away from your house. Bold states that this is needed, because it makes sure that the lock doesn’t activate unwarranted.

Opening the door remotely

If you want to remotely provide others access to your house, you need to buy the Bold Connect. This works as a bridge between the smart lock and your phone. When you buy the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, the bridge is already included. It makes sure that others can open your door. You can give others access in a certain time frame in the App. This is useful when you want someone to come over to water your plants or to give your cleaner access to your house when you are not home.

What happens when you don’t have your phone with you?

Both smart locks can be opened with your phone. But how do you enter your house when you don’t have your phone at hand? The LOQED smart lock can be opened using a 6 digit code, which can be entered on the screen using the two touch buttons. 

The Bold Smart Cylinder provides a backup access code for when you don’t have your phone with you. You open the door by twisting the doorknob the number of times of each digit of the code. A code that starts with 8 and 5, means that you have to twist eight times in one direction, followed by five twists in the other direction. Since it is a five digit code, it can take quite a while before you can open the door.

Battery life

Generally, the Bold Smart Cylinder has a battery life of two years. You can keep track of the battery status in the App, which also notifies you when it is time to replace the battery. Note that it is extremely important to replace the battery on time, because when the battery is empty, it is not possible to open the door. To replace the battery (a CR123A-battery), you need to remove the smart lock from the door.

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock also lets you know when the batteries are running low, which can power the lock up to one year. The batteries can be replaced by taking of the metal cover on the inside of the door. If it happens that the lock doesn’t open due to empty batteries, LOQED provides an emergency power connector on the outside of the door. By holding a 9V battery against the smart lock, it gives the lock enough power to open using your phone or with the six digit code. 

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Price difference

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is sold for €349,-

This includes the bridge, entry code and cylinder.

The Bold Smart Cylinder is sold for €199,-

The Bold Connect bridge that provides access to your door remotely costs an additional €99,-

When bought together, the Bold Smart Cylinder and Bold Connect cost €279,-

Below you’ll find an overview of the specifications and most important functionalities of both smart locks. 

LOQED Touch Smart LockBold Smart Cylinder
Open: smartphone appYesYes (manually)
Open: remotely via internetYesYes (Bold Connect needed)
Open: automaticallyYes, with Touch confirmation and inside / outside detectionYes, via geofencing, open lock manually
Open: access codeYes (integrated)Yes (integrated)
Integration with smart home productsYesNot yet
ProtocolBluetooth, WiFiBluetooth, WiFi
Battery life9 – 12 months2 years
Backup for when the battery of the lock has run out9V emergency power supplyNo
InstallationReplaces inside fitting, as well as the cylinderReplaces cylinder

Check out the LOQED Touch Smart Lock here.