Open your front door with your phone

A smartphone has become an extension of ourselves. More and more functionalities are added to your phone that make life easier and give you more control. In the past, calling and texting was sufficient. Now it is normalized to use your phone as a debit card or as a key to your home. In this blog, we discuss what the benefits are of opening your smart lock with your phone.

The benefits of opening your door remotely 

With the LOQED Touch Smart Lock on your front door, you never have to search for your keys again. You can easily open your door with a simple touch on the outside module or with your phone. Conventional locks have not exactly evolved with our wishes: we want a lock that is easy to use, safe, and that can be used in conjunction with our smart home products. A smart lock gives you have control over your front door even when you are not home. You decide who can enter, and you can easily open and close the door remotely. Missing a package is a thing of the past, because you no longer have to stay at home for the service provider.  You do not need spare keys for the cleaning lady or babysitter. You give them all easy access via your phone.

One app, all solutions

In the LOQED app, you always have an overview of who has a key. You can add or remove people with the touch of a button. In the log you have a handy overview of who opened the door and when.This way you will stay informed when your children have come home or when the cleaning lady has started. Not sure if you’ve locked the front door? In the app you can see the status of your smart lock and you can easily close the front door if you forgot.

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is the first completely keyless smart lock in Europe. The lock is SKG three-star certified and can be purchased for €349,-. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of a smart lock? Read the “Read which 11 (!) Extra functions a smart lock has compared to your current lock” blog.