LOQED versus other smart locks

You’ve made up your mind: you want to purchase a smart lock! But then you find out that there are a lot of smart locks on the market with a variety of features. For such an important product which protects your home, we want to provide you with all the information to make the right choice. In this blog, we will compare the most common smart locks of the European market with the LOQED Touch Smart Lock.


  1. Opening the door
  2. Physical key or not
  3. Security
  4. Smart home integrations
  5. Battery life
  6. Providing access to others
  7. Motor that closes the door for you
  8. Installation
  9. Connection

Opening the door

Not every smart lock offers the same possibilities for opening your door. Most smart locks come with an App, in which you push a button to open the door. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock can also be used without opening the App on your phone, because the two sensors in the lock recognize when you are in front of your door.

Open the door with:An AppPhysical remoteRemotely via the internetOpen the door automaticallyAccess code
LOQED Touch Smart LockYesNoYesYes, with Touch to Open and inside/outside detectionYes
Nuki 2.0YesYes (add-on)Yes (add-on)YesYes (add-on)
Bold Smart CylinderYes Yes (add-on)Yes (add-on)YesYes 
Yale LinusYesNoYes (add-on)YesYes (add-on)
Danalock V3YesNoYes (add-on)Yes Yes (add-on)
FlexeriaYesYes (add-on)NoNoYes (add-on)

A smart lock with a physical key or not?

How great would it be if you never have to think about losing your keys ever again? Smart locks like the LOQED Touch Smart Lock and the Bold Smart Cylinder don’t have a physical key, so losing your keys will be something of the past. Meanwhile, other smart locks, such as the Nuki 2.0, are attached on top of your current lock, which allows you to continue to use a physical key if needed. Take into account that you will need a cylinder with a hotel function for this. 

Physical key
LOQED Touch Smart LockNo
Nuki 2.0Yes, but you need a cylinder with a hotel function.
Bold Smart CylinderNo
Yale LinusYes, but you need a cylinder with a hotel function.
Danalock V3Yes


Smart locks are invented with your security in mind. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock has the SKG three star certification, which is the best qualification that a lock can earn in terms of security. Other locks don’t have this certification. The original cylinder stays in the door.

SecurityDoor closing detection
LOQED Touch Smart LockSKG***Yes, via integrated motion sensor
Nuki 2.0Not applicableYes, with magnet on the door frame
Bold Smart CylinderSKG***No
Yale LinusNot applicableYes, with magnet on the door frame
Danalock V3Not applicableNo

Smart home integrations

Smart locks are great to use in your home automation flows, because most of them have integrations with various smart home tools. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock works perfectly with Homey, Google Assistant, IFTTT and webhooks.

Smart home integrations
LOQED Touch Smart LockHomey Google Assistant, IFTTT and webhooks.
Nuki 2.0Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit.
Bold Smart CylinderNo
Yale LinusGoogle Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit.
Danalock V3Apple Homekit, Alarm.com and Samsung SmartThings.

Battery life

It is important that you can use your smart lock for a long time, without having to change the batteries. Luckily, most smart locks have a good battery life. You can even buy a Power Kit to accompany your LOQED smart lock, which makes it a breeze to charge your lock.

Battery lifeBattery TypeBackup when batteries are empty
LOQED Touch Smart Lock9-12 months8 AA batteries (34 Wh) or Power Kit9V battery emergency power 
Nuki 2.0A couple of months4 AA batteries (17 Wh)Physical key
Bold Smart Cylinder2 years1 CR123A battery (4 Wh)None
Yale Linus6-9 months4 AA batteries (17 Wh)Physical key
Danalock V31 year4 CR123A batteries (17 Wh)Physical key
Flexeria6 months4 AA batteries (17 Wh)Physical key

Providing access to others

You will probably recognize some of these scenarios: having to get a spare key made for the cleaner or hiding a key under the doormat so that your friend can come in when you’re not home. With a digital key, you can give anyone you want access so they can easily enter your home. Simply send them their access code!

Amount of digital keys
LOQED Touch Smart Lock200
Nuki 2.0250
Bold Smart CylinderUnlimited
Yale LinusUnlimited
Danalock V3Unlimited

Motor that locks and unlocks the door for you

Do you have a family member that has limited mobility in their hands, or one that is simply forgetful? A motorized smart lock could help them to open and close the door with ease. 

LOQED Touch Smart LockYes
Nuki 2.0Yes
Bold Smart CylinderNo
Yale LinusYes
Danalock V3Yes


The installation process can be different depending on which smart lock you go for. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock can be installed in 20 minutes, in which the cylinder and the inside door fitting is replaced. This makes it more robust and flush to your door, compared to a smart lock that is mounted on top of a normal lock.

LOQED Touch Smart LockReplaces the cylinder and inside door fitting
Nuki 2.0Is fitted on top op of your current lock
Bold Smart CylinderReplaces the cylinder
Yale LinusReplaces the cylinder and is fitted on top of your current lock
Danalock V3Replaces the cylinder and is fitted on top of your current lock
FlexeriaReplaces the cylinder and is fitted on top of your current lock


Most smart locks have a Bluetooth connection to your phone. The benefit of a WiFi connection is that you have remote access to the lock. For example, it makes it possible to open the door for someone or close the door when you are not at home. 

LOQED Touch Smart LockBluetooth, WiFi
Nuki 2.0Bluetooth, WiFi
Bold Smart CylinderBluetooth
Yale LinusBluetooth
Danalock V3Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave

Do you want to find out if the LOQED Touch Smart Lock fits on your door? Do the installation check!

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