LOQED and Home Connect Plus: The ideal combination

Simply smart

The smart home trend is here to stay. Just like us at LOQED, there are many other brands out there that are constantly developing innovative new products and concepts. Keeping track of and managing your devices centrally has never been more important, and Home Connect Plus lets you do just that. The app brings together previously incompatible device categories in one smart system, in a simple and intuitive way that you can personalize to your needs, opening up completely new possibilities.

LOQED and Home Connect Plus

The Home Connect Plus app makes your smart devices even smarter: connect our LOQED Touch Smart Lock with smart home devices and systems from other manufacturers and take your smart home to a whole new level. You can easily and intuitively connect different devices and manage them centrally as per your individual needs!

An intuitive app for smart, connected living

Today’s truly smart homes have many devices from various manufacturers. That’s why LOQED has teamed up with Home Connect Plus to offer our users a simple and more personalized way of connecting and managing different devices.

Home Connect Plus makes it easy for you to centrally manage interactions between your favorite systems, control device functions, and automate routine tasks according to your personal needs. Create automations in which different devices work together, for example, for a perfect start to the day; the lights turn on, the curtains open and the coffee machine in the kitchen starts to warm up while you are getting ready.

With Home Connect Plus, you no longer have to jump from one app to another, so you can focus on the important things in life. Best of all, the app is free and easy to use. Just download Home Connect Plus to your smartphone (compatible with Android or iOS), set up your devices in a few steps, and you’re ready to go.

Interested? Then take a look at the homepage of our partner Home Connect Plus to find out how this versatile smart home solution can simplify your life. In addition to detailed information about the app itself, you’ll also find inspiration on all aspects of the smart home: www.home-connect-plus.com

The benefits of Home Connect Plus

A central platform for all devices → Comprehensive device compatibility across brands for countless combinations. Home Connect Plus makes managing your smart home with just one app simple and convenient.

Smart home made easy → The Home Connect Plus app is clear, intuitive, and simple. You don’t need to be a technology expert or smart home professional to use it.

Personalized for you → Customize the app to your needs: automate how your devices interact with other systems for a whole new smart home experience. You can easily add your most frequently used device functions to your favorites.

Free all-in-one solution → The Home Connect Plus app is free. No subscriptions, no hidden costs, and no in-app purchases. Simply download, set up, and enjoy. Experience the convenience of a truly smart home.

Inside Home Connect Plus

Automations: connected devices and intelligent routines make smart living simpler

Automate tasks according to the “if-this-then-that” principle in just a few steps. With the app, you can for example set the thermostat to turn down the heating when you leave the house, or make sure that all the lights go out and the front door is locked at bedtime. And it does this for all your devices across different manufacturers.

Device overview: manage all your devices from a single app

Don’t waste time constantly switching between apps from different manufacturers. With Home Connect Plus, it’s simple and convenient to keep track of the most important functions of all your devices and manage them in one place.

Pin boards: all important functions and devices at a glance

Create individual overviews of your smart devices, for example, for your daily routine or a room in your home. This way, you have access to all your connected devices and can automate tasks to help make your everyday life even more comfortable. You can set up and personalize the app exactly the way you want by placing your favorite device functions on a pin board.

Your smart home can do more

What if you could connect different systems with each other? It’s simple with smart combination options, thanks to Home Connect Plus.

Lighting → Going to the bathroom at night? The motion sensor in the bedroom slowly turns up the light just enough so that your partner doesn’t get jolted out of their dreams.

Heating → Not a morning person? Fortunately, the heating is already on in the bathroom by the time your alarm clock wakes you, while the coffee machine prepares your must-have morning pick-me-up.

Security → Being forgetful? Your smart home knows when you step outside. You can count on the Home Connect Plus app to alert you if you’ve left the stove on or the balcony door open.

Energy → Are you eco-conscious and cost-conscious? Presence detectors automatically cut off the power to all energy guzzlers in recreation or utility rooms when they are not in use. Or you can have the thermostat raise the room temperature in time for the end of the wash cycle when it comes to hanging clothes to dry.

Garden → Blessed with a green thumb? A smart home isn’t limited to just the house: smart weather stations tell the irrigation system or the robotic lawn mower when they are needed. And when temperatures start to soar, smart outdoor lights provide the perfect ambiance for a barbecue party.

You can also automate tasks with different types of devices from various manufacturers. Even if your smart motion sensors, lights, or thermostats come from different manufacturers or systems, Home Connect Plus brings them together.

The app is just the beginning

Home Connect Plus is developing additional services to offer you valuable benefits in the future that go beyond simply connecting devices. Services such as remote parcel delivery or the use of simple insurance services, as well as a comprehensive range of solutions for efficient energy management in the smart home, are all in the pipeline.

Want to learn more? Then visit the Home Connect Plus homepage to find out how this versatile smart home solution can enhance your life. In addition to detailed information about the app itself, you’ll also find inspiration on all aspects of the smart home: www.home-connect-plus.com

Set up in a few steps

How to connect different smart devices via the Home Connect Plus app:

  1. If you haven’t already installed the LOQED app, download it from the App Store and connect your LOQED smart lock.
  2. Download the Home Connect Plus app and register.
  3. Add devices by pressing the + sign in the app’s device tab.
  4. The app automatically displays apps from other manufacturers that are already installed. Select the brand of your devices and sign in.
  5. Allow Home Connect Plus to access your devices.

All your connected devices will appear in the device overview, and you are ready to go.