Bright review LOQED – This smart lock is looking good!

Erwin of Bright tested the LOQED Touch Smart Lock. His conclusion: this smart lock is looking good! In this review, he discusses how the lock works, the installation process, how it differentiates from other smart locks and which features the App provides. This way you will get a clear overview of the benefits of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock.

Erwin describes a couple deserved points of improvement, which are due to him reviewing the preview version of the lock. The lock was not officially out for sale at that point. In the meantime, the product has been on the market since november 2020 and there have been a couple nice upgrades and features added. We argue that we have developed the most user friendly smart lock on the market, which features that no other smart lock has.

Intelligence on both sides of the door

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is the only smart lock that has an outside and inside sensor, which localizes if the user is on the outside or inside of the house. Therefore, the door will not open when someone enters through the back door or when they are still parking the car. Safety is guaranteed: the Touch Smart Lock is certified with three star SKG, provided with drilling protection, and 256-bit encryption.

Curious to see all the possibilities of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock? Check out the review (in Dutch) here.