8 smart home products that everyone will use in 10 years

8 smart home products that everyone will use in 10 years

In this blog, we describe 8 smart home products that in our opinion will be completely normalized in ten years.

1. Smart lighting

Smart lighting can bring atmosphere into your home with various colors. With the App, you can operate the lamps and let them change color in conjunction with your TV, or turn them on automatically when you open your front door. In five years, standing up from your couch to dim the lights will be history. Something we are not sure of is which wireless system is going to be the norm: Z-Wave, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

2. Smart locks and smart doorbells

We are already familiar with smart doorbells, of which the Ring and Google Nest Hello are the most well known. Thanks to the camera, you are aware of everything that might happen in front of your door. You can even receive a notification if someone walks by, so that you do not have to approach shady people.

However, your doorbell can really shine when you combine it with a smart lock. Not only are you able to enter your home without keys, but you can remotely open the (garage)door for the package deliverer! If big postal companies will embrace this in The Netherlands just like the US, the mail man would be able to deliver your package in your hallway. We are setting our bets that metal keys will disappear completely, replaced by a 100% keyless lock like the LOQED Touch Smart Lock.

3. Smart speakers

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Sonos all offer smart speakers. Operate your favorite Spotify playlist, as well as other smart home products with your voice. Even though the competitiveness in this market is high, Google’s entry level model starts at 30 euros. Operating your home appliances with your voice is something to get used to, but we think that this is going to be very useful in the kitchen. For example to change the music and set a timer without using your hands.

4. Smart security

A camera that records a live feed on your smartphone of someone walking in your garden. Door and window sensors that monitor if everything is closed off, smart smoke detectors, leakage detectors, CO-detectors. You can acquire almost anything in this regard. We see a bright future ahead of us with smart security systems that make you the control room.

5. Robot vacuum cleaner

For people with cats, the robot hoover is becoming a staple, you will never see cat hairs on the floor. But this device is essential in other households as well. They are often small, are self-charging and those features make sure that you do not have to think twice about it. How many reasons can you come up with to not want a robot hoover?

6. Smart TV

What started with the Apple TV and Google Chromecast, nowadays, it is integrated into most TV’s. Even though we have been watching less cable TV, online streaming services have really taken off. Therefore, smart TV’s are here to stay!

7. Smart thermostat

Do you often have cold feet? Try a smart thermostat! This device will turn on your heating on your way home, and it will adjust the heating per room of the house. This not only saves energy, but it is also nice and toasty. Is it summer? Your air-conditioning can easily be changed to a smart home device.

8. Smart curtains and roll curtains

You might think that smart roll curtains are for lazy people, but do not be fooled, it is very handy! Ikea already sells them, but you can get them even cheaper on Aliexpress. You can let the roll curtain come up a bit when your alarm goes off, so that you wake up with morning light. When the sun goes down, the curtains will close themselves. Useful in combination with smart lights, for when you are not home, and you want to make your home look as if you are.

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