5 reasons your company can use a Smart Lock

We live in an era full of technological developments that make life easier. A smart lock for your company is one of them. This way you can focus on what is important. With the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, not only your door becomes keyless, but it will also give you more control at an accessible price. A smart lock offers new possibilities you never knew you needed. In this blog, we list a couple advantages that the LOQED Touch Smart Lock can offer your business.

1. Access for employees only at the times you choose

With the LOQED App you decide on which days your staff has access. You will receive a notification when someone enters or goes home, so you always have an overview of who is at your business.

2. Allow suppliers to enter remotely

The cleaner, technician, or supplier. Choose who you let in easily and remotely with the LOQED App. This way, you will never miss a delivery or service again.

3. Automatic closing times

Automatically close the door at a pre-set time, for example when the reception is no longer there.

4. Prevent lost keys

Key management can be expensive, time-consuming, and cluttered. With the LOQED App, you can easily manage all digital keys. You can create an unlimited number of them, and you always have a digital overview at hand. This way you can quick and easily add someone or remove the digital key again if necessary. You send keys for new users via WhatsApp or email. Unlike traditional keys, digital keys cannot be copied, and you do not have to replace the lock if someone loses their key.

This can lead to significant cost savings and ensures that your business is safer. Would you like to know more about smart locks and their security? Then read the ‘How much do you really know about smart locks and their security’ blog.

5. Easy installation

To install the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, you only need a screwdriver and twenty minutes of your time. A drill is not needed. A professional installation is also possible for a fixed price of €99,-. The lock fits on most all European doors. Wondering if the lock also fits on your door? Do the installation check here.

With the LOQED Touch Smart Lock as a personal doorman, you remain in control of your company, even when you are away from it. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock costs €349,- and can be ordered here.