5 reasons why your Airbnb address can use a smart lock

A warm welcome for your guests, that’s what every Airbnb host wants. Preferably, with as little effort as possible. With the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, check-in and check-out problems are a thing of the past.

Easily let your guests check-in themselves 24/7 via a personal code, simply create digital keys for multiple houses and receive a notification when your guests have left your place. Being a host hasn’t been that easy!

No more waiting for Airbnb guests

A delayed flight, an overdue appointment, unfortunately it happens more often than hoped for that guests are later than the indicated time. From now on, your guests can check in and out when it suits them best. As a host, you will receive a notification when they arrive or when they leave again.

No more hassle with keys

Guests can easily enter with a personal access code or digital key you have created. This means they can no longer lose keys or leave them on the inside of the door. When they close the door, the smart lock will automatically lock itself. And when your guests have checked out, you can easily delete the access code or digital key created for them—or set an end time.


A key in a key box or under the planter is no longer necessary. Digital keys cannot be copied. That makes a smart lock a lot safer than normal keys.

Remote management

With the LOQED app, you can easily add and remove keys and access codes for your guests. You can even set access times or open the door remotely for them. That makes the LOQED Touch Smart Lock your ideal personal doorman.

Manage multiple locations

Key management can be expensive, time-consuming, and cluttered. With the LOQED App you can easily manage multiple locations from one place, each with its own group of users. This way you always have a digital overview at hand. Unlike traditional keys, digital keys cannot be copied, and the lock not need to be replaced if someone loses their key. This can lead to considerable cost savings and ensures that your home is more secure. Want to know more about smart locks and their security? Then read the ‘how much do you really know about smart locks and their safety‘ blog.

Cleaning service

After your guests have left, you can also easily let your cleaning service come in via the LOQED App.

A smart lock is a godsend for every Airbnb host. It helps increase the satisfaction of your guests by giving them access when it suits them, without feeling stressed. You as a host are always in control of your front door, wherever you are.

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is now on sale for €349,- and can be ordered here.