3 benefits of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock when you are on holiday

The last couple of years, smart home products have proven that they can be more than gadgets to show off to your friends. Smart locks such as the LOQED Touch Smart Lock are not only easy to use, but can also protect your home when you are away on holiday. In this blog, we discuss some useful features that can make your holiday even more carefree.

“Did I lock the front door?”

This is a thought that many people have after they just drove off to go to their holiday destination. Fortunately, with LOQED you don’t need to consider turning the car around. You can see whether the door was locked or not in the App. If it’s the case that the door was not locked, you can lock your door remotely. How easy is that?

No more keys underneath the doormat with a smart lock

An old trick that a lot of people use is to hide a key underneath the doormat, so others can enter your home to care for your pets or plants. Unfortunately, burglars are well aware of all the hiding places that are used, making it easy for them to break into your home. With the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, this is history. Simply create a digital key using the App, and send it to anyone you want to give access. If your neighbor doesn’t have a smartphone yet, you can also set a six-digit access code. For extra security, you could set a specific time frame for each key to be active. In the log, you can keep an overview of everyone that has entered and when.

Open house mode

Lots of people might not be going on holidays, and instead enjoy the company of family and friends in their home during the summer. With most smart locks, you have to open the door with your phone every time someone rings the doorbell. This is inconvenient when there are people entering and leaving the house frequently. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock offers Open House Mode to overcome this hassle. When it’s enabled, it allows anyone to open the door with a single touch on the lock. Great for children that do not have a smartphone!

Are you curious to see if the lock would fit on your door? Do the installation check!

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