Invite a friend

Recommend LOQED and you both get € 25 cash

Your friends are our friends

Refer a friend to the LOQED Smart Lock, and for every friend that purchases and installs a lock, you’ll receive € 25. Plus, your friend will also get € 25.

How does it work?

1. You create a discount code and share it with your neighbour, family or friend.
2. When your friend has installed their LOQED Smart Lock, they can redeem their code below.
3. After 30 days you and your friend will receive € 25 in your bank account.

Invite someone

You already own a LOQED Touch Smart Lock and want to create a code to share with a friend.

I’ve been invited

You just installed a new LOQED Touch Smart Lock and want to redeem the code that you’ve received.