With the smart lock from LOQED, you securely and easily manage access to your office or business space. Employees can simply open the door with the LOQED app.

Why choose a smart lock from LOQED?

Easy digital key management

Never worry about losing keys or the hassle of making duplicates. Grant access to staff, cleaners, and suppliers via a digital key on their smartphone – and revoke access just as easily.

  • Safety first: SKG three-star, EN 1303 & EN 15684 certified. And above all: never worry about where that one key went.
  • Always in the know: Keep track of who has opened the door and when. This way, you know what time a supplier delivered a package and if an employee has started their shift.
  • Access times: Set times for each key to unlock the door.
  • Opening hours: Automatically open or lock the door at set times.
  • Wherever you are: Open or lock the door, check if it’s locked, and manage keys easily from a distance.

See how it works

Simple digital key management

Never lose keys again, never duplicate keys: with the LOQED smart door lock, physical keys are no longer needed to enter the building. Grant access to employees, suppliers, or cleaners via their smartphone. No smartphone? Then you can also set a personal access code.

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Assign access rights based on time, date, and user, giving you full control over who has access to which spaces. This can be done with the LOQED app or on your computer using your web browser.

Safer than traditional keys

With the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, you significantly enhance the security of your company. The lock uses advanced encryption, similar to that of banks, and has achieved the highest security certifications: SKG three-star, EN1303, and EN15684.

Traditional keys can be lost, copied, possessed by former employees, or fall into the wrong hands. With digital key management from LOQED, this is a thing of the past, and you can be sure that no old keys are still in circulation. You can easily revoke them with the LOQED app: an efficient and secure solution.

Track who enters when

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock accurately tracks who, when, and where access has been granted. You can easily see who has opened a door and when.

Access times

Set specific times for each key to unlock the door, for example, only on weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm. This is not only convenient for staff but also for cleaners or Saturday helpers, for example.

Opening hours

If the reception is no longer available after 5 pm, automatically lock the door so that visitors cannot enter the building without permission.

Flexible and scalable

Whether you have a small business or a growing company with multiple locations, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock is flexible and scalable. You can easily add additional locks and manage them with the user-friendly app or from your web browser, making it the ideal access solution that grows with your business.

Easy to use

Make opening doors even easier by enabling the Touch to Open feature. The door opens with a single touch on the lock, as long as you have your phone with you. You don’t need to take it out of your pocket or bag because the lock communicates wirelessly with the phone.

Open and manage remotely

If there’s a supplier at the door and you’re not there, you can easily open the door remotely with the LOQED app – even from home on the couch. Because the lock is connected to the internet, all functions are always available in the LOQED app.

We’re here for you

LOQED has a nationwide network of installers, and our support team is ready to assist you whenever you need help.

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