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Your company, truly keyless

Enterprise grade access control at an accessible price

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Always in control

With the LOQED Touch Smart Lock as a personal doorman, you remain
in control of your own company, even when you are away from it.

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Access for employees only at the times you choose

With the LOQED App you decide on which days your staff has access. You will receive a notification when someone enters or goes home, so you always have an overview of who is at your business. 

Allow suppliers to enter remotely

Easily open the door remotely via the LOQED App. This way you can be sure that you will never miss a delivery again. 

Automatic closing times

Automatically open and close the door at preset times.  Handy to give employees access only during office hours.

Avoid lost keys

Giving each staff member their own key can be unclear and expensive. With the LOQED App you can easily manage all your digital keys. You can quickly add or remove a new colleague if necessary. New users can be invited with an app of your choice such as Whatsapp or via email. Unlike traditional keys, the digital key cannot be copied. 

"The LOQED hardware is more solid than its competitors."

"I leave my key inside, without a single worry."

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The LOQED Touch Smart Lock can be installed in 20 minutes, works with multi-point locks and fits on top of your existing door furniture.

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