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Smarter Airbnb hosting

Freedom for you and your guests

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With the LOQED Touch Smart Lock as a personal doorman, BnB hosting is now a bless.

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Never wait for BnB guests again

No more keys under the planter or waiting for a delayed flight. With the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, your guests can easily check in and out when it suits them. As a host you will receive a notification when they arrive and leave.


Guests can easily enter with an access code created by you. As a result, your guests can no longer lose keys or leave them on the inside of the door. When they leave the house, the door will close automatically.

Remote management

With the LOQED app, you easily create new keys and PINs for your guests. You can even set access times or open the door for them remotely. And when your guests are checked out, you can easily delete the access code that has been created for them.

Cleaning service

You can also easily let the cleaning service in after your guests have left.

"The LOQED hardware is more solid than its competitors."

"I leave my key inside, without a single worry."

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The LOQED Touch Smart Lock can be installed in 20 minutes, works with multi-point locks and fits on top of your existing door furniture.

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