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Certified lock smith

Contact a certified lock smith if you would like the help from a professional. A smooth installation is ensured for a fixed price of € 99 if you have a properly working Euro Profile door mechanism and live within 30 minutes driving for the lock smith. 

The lock smith can also install a Euro Profile lock in case your house still has an older lock type, the cost for this depends on your situation. We recommend to always ask for a quote before making an appointment. The lock smiths in the below list are not employed by LOQED.

List of installers

The below list is regularly updated with new installers. Please contact us if there is no installer listed in your area, and we will help you find one.

The Netherlands

Postal codeArea surroundingCompanyWebsiteEmailPhone
1013JZAmsterdamDe Sleutelkoning
2408 ANAlphen aan den RijnBug Control Security BV
3053 JRRotterdamHikke Slotenmakers
3313 CWDordrechtB.S.I Klusbedrijf
3435 HAUtrechtLockTight / +31306036106
4811 CABredaSlotenmeester / +31651340511
5014 HLTilburg, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, VughtDonders Security
5900 AWVenloBartels sloten
8226 TLAlmere, Alkmaar, Amsterdam,
Biddinghuizen, Dronten, Emmeloord,
Enkhuizen, Haarlem, Hoorn,
Purmerend, Zaanstad, Zwolle
8304 ABLemmer, Steenwijk, Meppel, Kampen, DrontenSlotenExpert Meijering
8911 HTLeeuwardenDe Sleutelspecialist
9301 XJGroningenMulder deuren en sloten
9723 BKGroningen, Assen, EmmenSlotenmakers Noord Nederland

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