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Complete your smart home with a smart lock

January 28, 2021 3 min read

Complete your smart home with a smart lock

More than half a million Dutch households now use a smart doorbell. Consumers have already spent half a billion euros to create their ideal smart home. The share of smart locks in this is growing rapidly. You can now order the completely keyless LOQED Touch Smart Lock for € 349,-.

Smart home products

The most frequently cited reason for purchasing smart home products is convenience. As a result, the number of actions to perform something decreases enormously and we simply prefer being lazy than tired. The diversity of smart products is enormous, we all know the smart speakers from Google and Amazon, the Ring video doorbell, or the Hue lighting from Philips, but it goes further than that. For example, in the future you can have your groceries supplemented automatically by installing a smart refrigerator. The possibilities are endless.

Smart home security

In addition to the convenience of smart devices in the home, they can also contribute to the security of your home. You optimally protect your home against burglary and other dangers. Smart home security goes a step further than standard security, because the products are connected to the internet. Think of motion sensors, smart cameras and smart locks. This also gives you remote control over your home and allows you to keep an eye on things.

Completely keyless

With cars it is already normal to open the door without taking the key. In that respect, opening and locking the front door with a key is actually out of date. LOQED has developed a smart lock that allows you to open the front door just as easily as your car. All you have to do is touch the lock briefly, your mobile phone is the key and it simply stays in your pocket. So you never have to look for your house key again. The LOQED lock has received the SKG three-star certificate, which is the highest quality mark especially for (digital) locks. In addition, you can use the app to remotely delete keys - useful if someone has lost their phone. Even without a telephone, you can always enter with your personal access code.

LOQED Touch Smart Lock

Everything connected in your smart home

Have you always wanted the lights to go on, the thermostat to be set to "comfort" mode and the curtains to open when you get home? Once you have installed a nice range of smart home products, it is useful if everything is connected. Smart products communicate wirelessly with each other via WiFi, bluetooth, or communication protocols such as ZigBee and Z-Wave. You can have these systems collaborate by putting an umbrella party such as Homey in between for one integrated system.

Welcome home LOQED

For example, you can automatically set the LOQED Touch Smart Lock to night lock by means of a voice command. In the same command you can add that the thermostat, lights, speakers and TV are all turned off and your home is in “Away” mode. Ideal, because a good night's sleep is worth its weight in gold.


Adding a smart lock to your front door gives you a lot of extra options. You never have to search for your key again and you can easily let guests in from a distance. It will make your home safer and you will gain more control over your front door in return.

The LOQED smart lock can be ordered here for €349,-.

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