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5 myths and misconceptions about smart locks

November 25, 2020 4 min read

5 myths and misconceptions about smart locks

Locks are as old as living memory. The traditional key is indispensable in our pocket or bag. Despite its simplicity, it feels safe and familiar, so why switch to a smart lock?

We all know that technological progress initially also entails mistrust, also with smart locks. But smart home technology is on the rise and cannot be ignored in a modern household.

In this article, we'll debunk five common myths and misconceptions about smart locks.

1. Smart locks are difficult to install

After some preliminary research you know for sure, the benefits that smart locks offer are amazing. No more searching for keys, more control over who can enter the house and easy to open and close remotely. But then you realize that you've never replaced a lock before, and it might still get complicated.

No worries. Anyone who can install an Ikea cabinet can also install a smart lock. It will take you about 20 minutes, a drill is not needed, only a screwdriver is sufficient. Some smart locks are placed over your key on the inside of the door. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock replaces almost the entire door fitting, so it is placed tightly to your door and is keyless. You do not have to work with wiring and the batteries simply click into the smart lock.

When your lock is placed on the door, it is a matter of downloading the App, connecting the smart lock to your Wi-Fi network, and setting your preferences. Et voila!

2. Smart locks are easy to hack

To explain how the security of a smart lock works, we must start by explaining what encryption is. Most smart locks are provided with 256-bit encryption and are SKG three-star certified.

What is encryption?

Millions of people around the world have access to the Internet. Yet we can exchange messages, pay bills, and share files over the Internet in a way that only a specific group of people can see them. This means that a large part of the internet is not visible to everyone because these parts are encrypted. This is done with encryption.

Encryption is a way of converting data, in our case your access key, into a secret code. This ensures this data is not accessible for everyone. 256-bit encryption refers to the length of the digital key used to encrypt a data stream. This is very safe and is therefore used by banks and governments.

Want to know more about the security of smart locks? Then read the "The "How much do you really know about smart locks and their security" blog”.

3. If I lose my phone, anyone can come in

The risk of losing your phone would raise troubling thoughts in everyone. This thought can also prevent you from buying a smart lock when this is fortunately not the case. Access codes and digital keys can directly and remotely be adjusted or deleted by logging in on another device or in our portal. This means you always have full control over your front door and that you can decide who has access, even if you lost your phone.

4. When the battery of my phone is empty, I can’t enter my house

It can always happen that your phone turned off because the battery is empty. Don't worry, by entering your personal code you can always come in, even if you don't have a phone with you. This can also be useful to exercise without bringing anything with you.

5. If the power goes out, the lock will stop working

All smart locks have batteries. You will receive a timely notification via the App when they need to be replaced. The batteries of most smart locks last half a year. Due to the larger battery capacity of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, these will last no less than nine months to a year. So, if the power goes out, you can continue to use the smart lock. Did you miss the messages that the batteries are empty? Then you can always enter with LOQED via emergency power, unlike other smart locks. By holding a 9-volt battery against the lock you can enter your personal code or open the door with the LOQED App. Being excluded is therefore a thing of the past.

Why a smart lock also enriches your life.

Current locks have not grown along with our wishes: just keeping people out is no longer good enough. The advantage of a smart lock is that it offers new possibilities you did not know you needed. With a smart lock, you no longer have to worry that the door is not locked, you no longer have to hide spare keys or have the feeling you are not entering. You can easily let guests in without getting up and, finally, searching for keys is officially a thing of the past.

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock costs € 349,- and can be ordered here.

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